How To Prepare GK For Competitive Exam- Tips And Tricks

By | August 27, 2015

How To Prepare GK For Competitive Exam

General Knowledge and General Awareness is the important part of most of the Competitive Exams whether they are government exams or non-government exams. Here on this page, we are going to provide the Tips And Tricks on How To Prepare GK For Competitive Exam.

General knowledge involves the current affairs going in the environment. The candidate should be aware about the daily news. Current affairs includes the information not only about one or two countries, it’s about the entire World.

Important Topics Involved Under General Knowledge

General knowledge involves the topics which are given as under:-

  • Indian and the World Geography
  • Indian and the World History
  • International Organizations
  • Famous personalities
  • Sports
  • General Science
  • Awards and Honors
  • Indian and the World Economy
  • Politics
  • Constitution
  • Current Affairs
  • Achievements and defeats of the countries
  • Other Miscellaneous GK

Tips On How To Prepare GK For Competitive Exam

Following are the few tips that will help you information regarding How To Prepare GK For Competitive Exam:-

Read Newspapers on Daily Basis

A candidate who is going to appear in the Competitive Exam must read the Newspapers on a daily basis. As we all know, Newspapers provides the information about the whole World. It helps in making your knowledge wider.

Read Magazines

It is also a very much important option that can help you in preparing GK for the Competitive Exam. So many leading magazines are available in the market that focuses on the General Knowledge. This can help you in the best preparation.

Watch News Channels

News Channels can help you by updating you through its information. So many channels on the Televisions are only for the News. They have competition regarding who will cast the News first. The main aim of the News Channel is to provide the World wide information to its viewers.


In the Modern World, Internet has made everything faster, smarter and better. Internet helps you in getting knowledge about the home country or the rest o the world. You can easily search information through the Internet just by typing its name on the Search Engine. It will provide you thousands of results for that particular thing.

Participate In Group Discussions

You should participate in the Group Discussions. When so many persons participates in a Group Discussion, it may leads to sharing of ideas, facts, informations, etc. which can make your knowledge wider. A candidate should participate in such type of discussions.

Solve Online Quizzes

A candidate who is going to appear in the Competitive Exam must try to solve the Quizzes which are available Online. This can widen your knowledge as well as build your self confidence.

Maintain Your Diary

Candidates can maintain their own diaries so as to note down all the new informations or things they get to know. By making a diary, you can remind the things whenever required. You can also make your hand written notes on the few important topics. By this, you can review the things easily.

The above given few Tips On How To Prepare GK For Competitive Exam will help you in the best preparation.

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